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Testing plays a key role in our efforts to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic by identifying infected individuals and to help prevent further person-to-person transmission.

Testing helps limit to spread the virus to your family and friends and others in your community.

A negative test shortens quarantine time.

Testing makes it possible to take part in big events, festivals and congresses. 

A guarantee for a serene atmosphere between employees, between vaccinated and non-vaccinated employees.

Recent studies have shown that the antigen nose self-tests are reliable if there are Corona related complaints. The researchers concluded that the nose self-test has the same reliability as a test taken off by professionals. The sensitivity of the test is 69 percent and in people with a lot of virus particles it is even 84 percent. You can find the exact sensitivity of the different products in in the shop offers only self-tests that are officially approved by the EU and the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) in Belgium.


In the UK the self-test of DeepBlue is one of the four tests that have been selected among 138 suppliers.

In Germany the Bundesinstitut für Arzemittel und Medizinprodukte also approved the self-tests.

A Covid-19 selftest made by DeepBlue and New Gene expires after 24 months.

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  • Always check the instructions of your self-test for the correct steps. Make sure your test is at room temperature.
  • Keep timer ready
  • Blow your nose to clear it
  • Wash hands with water and soap

Step 1 

Open packaging of aluminium foil.

Step 2

Carefully open the swab packaging. Put the soft fabric tip of the swab with soft rotating movements 2 à 3 cm in your nose. Do this in both nostrils. Remove the swab.

Step 3

Place the soft tip of the swab in the liquid of the extraction tube. Rotate the swab 5 times for 20 seconds in the liquid, while squeezing the tube. Remove the swab.

Step 4

Put the purple cap on the extraction tube containing the liquid. Mix thoroughly by shaking. Squeeze the extraction tube carefully and put two drops of the liquid in the test strip.

Step 5

Wait 15 minutes to read the result. After 30 minutes the result is invalid.

Result - How to read your result

  • + Positive result: you will notice a red line next to the letter (C) and a red line next to the letter (T)
  • - Negative result: you will notice only one red line next to the letter (C) and nothing next to the letter (T)
  • ? Invalid: in all other cases your test did not run correctly and is void. DO A SECOND TEST

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At the moment there is a shortage of test. We receive our next 100.000 test on december 27th 2021. We will contact you for your preferred delivery date. The goods can also be collected at our office in Antwerp.

You can pay by transfer or by creditcard. We only accept your order when it is fully paid. For other payment conditions, contact us

Deliveries start from 25 pieces. For special requests please contact us.

  • In case of Corona symptoms, always contact your doctor for a PCR-Corona-19 test.
  • You had Corona less than three months ago according to a PCR Corona-19 test.

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