Ultrafast PCR Testing Process, a significant step in the fight against the virus.

The Automated Nucleic Acid Analyzer, a highly qualitative instrument

CapitalBio Technology developed a device that provides the reliability of a PCR test but whose results are known almost as quickly as in a fast antigen test.
A PCR test on a chip

CapitalBio Technology DxLab-2A Automatic Nucleic Acid Analyzer

The automatic Nucleic Acid Analyzer, working with microfluidic chips, adopts multiple advanced technologies, including nucleic acid extraction, nested isothermal amplification, and real-time confocal fluorescence detection in a fully automated manner. It is specifically made to seamlessly work with a fully integrated disc chip to perform the fast and accurate testing for SARS-CoV-2.

The Automated Nucleic Acid Analyzer,

The benefits

Easy & Fast

Manual operation in one minute, whole testing time in less than 45 minutes

High sensitivity & specificity

LoD, 150 copies/mL - ORF1ab and N target genes are included in the test.

High accuracy

Proprietary microfluidic chip technology with multiple embedded quality controls

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